О нас

About the company

Fish processing plant Vitarsis OÜ is located in Estonia, near the Russian border.
Company Vitarsis OÜ has been operating since 2002 and specializes in fresh and frozen fish processing.

The company core products are based on local raw materials:
— Fresh frozen Sprat spratus Baltikus, sprat herring and smelt (Baltic Sea)
— Fresh frozen fillets of perch and pike-perch (Lake Peipsi)
— Sprat Herring
— Trout
— Salmon
— Herring salted and marinated
— Mackerel Salted and marinated
— Lamprey
— Catfish
— Sturgeon
— Eel
— Perch, pike, bream, roach, pike-perch

The company has fishing licenses and its own means for fishing. In addition Vitarsis OÜ purchase fish directly from fishermen from Latvia, Estonia and Finland based on long-term contracts.
The Company freezing chamber capacity is 30 000 kg a day ( -40 C)
The company frozen fish storage capacity is 500,000 kg (-18 C )
Fish processing workshop is 1900 sq.meters big.


Production facilities allows to process annually more than 10,000 tons of fresh fish. The company is equipped with modern processing lines and uses latest technologies in accordance with European standards and sanitary norms.

Vitarsis OÜ has the Certificate of European manufacturer nr EE485

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