In addition to the new technologies used the company uses old local recipes for seafood production. Through a combination of old recipes and new technologies, the company produces excellent taste characteristics and perfect quality products.

Vitarsis OÜ offers various fishery products:

  • Fresh-frozen sprat, herring and fillets of freshwater fish
  • spicy salted sprat and slightly salted herring
  • charcoal grilled lamprey in jelly, smoked eel in jelly,
  • marinated pike, perch, catfish and sturgeon
  • Salted trout and salmon
  • Dried fish: bream, roach, smelt and other freshwater fishes.
Frozen fish from Baltic: Baltic Sprat, Baltic  Herring, Sea bream, Roach, Smelt, Baltic Founder.
Freshwater: Perch, Pike-perch, Bream, Eel, Pike, Catfish.
Trout caviar frozen in 1 kg plastic boxes
Seafood canned
Preserved seafood, Marinated lamprey, eel, catfish, spicy salted sprat, herring and mackerel, salted salmon and trout, Salmon belly flaps salted, Trout caviar salted.
Dried Seafood: Sea bream, Roach, Perch, Baltic Founder
12 18 13
Salmon by-products: frozen salmon bellies, salmon spines, salmon heads and tails.

Salmon bellies 2 Salmon spines 1

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